Baby Pillow – Certified Organic Cotton Fabric and Filling – cot / travel size

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Our Organic Cotton Pillows are made in Australia with 100% certified GOTS organic cotton fabric and filling. No synthetic fibres to cause perspiration.  No nasty chemicals for little bodies to inhale. These are the healthiest, natural organic pillows currently available in Australia, suitable for newborn babies, children, MCS, chemical sensitivity, allergy, eczema and asthma sufferers. No synthetic fibres, no polyesters, no additives to cause potential reactions to chemicals found in almost all conventional pillows. 

Pillow Size: Cot / Travel  – approx. 300 gram filling 37 x 58 cm

Other Available Sizes:

  • Low Profile Pillow – approx. 350 gram filling 45 x 70 cm (Suitable for up to 7 Years of age – very LOW Pillow style).
  • Standard Pillow – approx. 700 gram filling 45 x 70 cm
  • Hi Loft Pillow – approx. 900 gram filling 45 x 70 cm
  • Europe Pillow or Cushion – approx. 1100 gram filling 60 x 60 cm – You can find our Europe Pillows 60 x 60 cm and Cushions 40 x 40 cm available here.

Note: Pillow specification is based on the height of pillow, not the weight of the fill.

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