ONLINE ORDERS for a limited time special - FLAT RATE SHIPPING ONLY $20 - excludes, mattresses, futons, toppers, beds and timber furniture

TRADING HOURS - Our shop will be closed from Good Friday to Easter Monday and also Anzac Day Thursday. Phone: (03) 5932 0914 or Text: 0431 142390 if you need anything at all. Order online as normal.
SUPER SPECIAL - 50% OFF Org-Poplin Sheets, Sheet Sets, Pillowcases, Cushion Covers and Quilt Covers in Specially Selected Colours and Prints.


WE CARE ABOUT PROVIDING THE PUREST AND BEST QUALITY ORGANIC PRODUCTS: These days, the term “organic” is often used as marketing hype, encouraging people to buy products that might well be organic, but the question is, have they been interfered with on the way to being produced, processed, stored, displayed and shipped to their destination?

Some products are sprayed with chemicals or washed in optical brighteners to make them more visually appealing to consumers, others are wrapped in toxic plastic bags, even the ink used to print the labels is potentially harmful to people who are prone to chemical sensitivities, lethargy and allergies.

We know these things are important for people with even just a slightly lowered immune system so we refuse to package our products in plastic bags (even though that is permitted under most organic standards). Instead we use organic cotton bags or true cellulose, not plastic which just looks like cellophane. This is biodegradable, compostible and a much safer packaging alternative, especially for food.

USEFUL THINGS FOR AROUND THE HOUSE: Cellophane bags, aprons, organic cotton tea towels, cleaning cloths, ironing board covers, books and more. These products have been specially chosen because of their health promoting benefits. We aim to provide items to help you live a healthier and happier life.

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