Organature creates beautiful, cruelty-free bed linen

Thank you Organature for creating beautiful, cruelty-free bed linen!Ā My last doona was made from sheep’s wool. After discovering the painful practices legally performed on lambs, such as mulesing, castration and tail docking all done without anesthetic and the fact that every year in Australia, thousands of newly shorn sheep exposed to the extreme cold nights, die from hypothermia. It was then that IĀ decided to find alternative bed linen for my family that was eco friendly and cruelty free.Ā Love my warm, cosy, flanelette, doona from you guys! – Fiona


The Organature Mattress

The Healthiest Sleep You Can Have Is OnĀ An Organature Mattress The original, genuine and only Australian made 100% Organic Cotton Mattress. TheĀ OrganatureĀ MattressĀ is unique –Ā made from the purest ingredients. The Mattress and your Health OrganicĀ cotton breathes;

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