Noelia is helpful, supportive, knowledgeable and polite

I am a customer of Organature and I am sure you would be aware of what a wonderful staff member you have in Noelia but I thought I would write to you and let you know from a customer’s viewpoint that you have such a helpful, supportive, knowledgeable and polite employee. Noelia has guided me through most of my purchases for myself and my son with such patience especially during my indecisive moments (of which there have been many) and she has always been so helpful and supportive even when I bet she wanted to pull her hair out 🙂 … Good customer service is hard to come by but the customer service that she provides for your company is extremely rare, all business need a Noelia!! Thank you for such wonderful products and thank you to Noelia for her support and advice it has been so very much appreciated. – Brooke


Baby Safety, Health and Wellbeing

Our aim is to raise happy, healthy babies and toddlers by relieving them of some of the thousands of chemicals in everyday use; that’s why we created our Australian Organic Baby Nursery™. We are parents and

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