My Organature Mattress Makes Me Feel Like I Have A Lovely Safe Bedroom

Many thanks for another uplifting newsletter – it’s so good to know there’s someone out there who truly cares and is bending over backwards to provide safety for us canaries in the coal mine! Do keep up the good work!! I love my lovely safe bedroom, with it’s comfy Organature mattress ? You have done such a wonderful job of creating the means whereby people can get products that are NOT harmful to their health! It is the whole thing of knowing that your company is trustworthy and that every part of the supply will be considered, right down to the wrapping and storage, that means so much to people in ill-health.- Annie – 15/08/2019

May is MCS Awareness Month

May is MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) Awareness month. Primarily promoted in the US, but expanding globally, it is a time to recognise the disease and spotlight the challenges faced by those living with this life-altering

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The Organature Mattress

The Healthiest Sleep You Can Have Is On An Organature Mattress The original, genuine and only Australian made 100% Organic Cotton Mattress. The Organature Mattress is unique – made from the purest ingredients. The Mattress and your Health Organic cotton breathes;

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