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HALF PRICE CLEARANCE JUST ADDED - Organic cotton quilt covers, kids organic clothing, cosy flannel sheets, organic poplin bedding and more.


Many thanks for another uplifting newsletter – it’s so good to know there’s someone out there who truly cares and is bending over backwards to provide safety for us canaries in the coal mine! Do keep up the good work!! I love my lovely safe bedroom, with it’s comfy Organature mattress 😊 You have done such a wonderful job of creating the means whereby people can get products that are NOT harmful to their health! It is the whole thing of knowing that your company is trustworthy and that every part of the supply will be considered, right down to the wrapping and storage, that means so much to people in ill-health.- Annie - 15/08/2019

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I purchased a King size Mansfield bed frame, sheets and mattress protection from Organature. I am so happy with our beautiful bed and the level of service I received from the company. Michael went above and beyond to assist me, returning at a later date when I got stumped putting it together. I was impressed by his thoughtful and kind manner and thoroughness. This is a bed for life. Thank you again! - Sara

I received my parcel of fabric yesterday - a mix of calico, muslin and suede flannel. Not only were the fabrics beautiful and fantastic quality; especially the flannel! (wow!) I was also impressed by the attention to detail of the packaging, QA signatures and the folding of the fabric. What a lovely experience all round. - Penny 🙂

We are so grateful for the clean products this company makes. No greenwash bs, this company is the real deal: from elegant design, sourcing of genuinely clean materials, careful manufacture, customer care: integrity and straight dealing all the way through to delivery. Michael recently delivered our order of bedroom furniture. We didn’t realise he would be so aware of MCS and of how to ensure the safety of our stuff before it came into the house. I’m so grateful for the service he provided. If you are considering delivery options, Michael is not your average delivery person: your delivery will be safe with him. - Maree K (via Google Business)

The latest newsletter made me tear up, its so comforting to know businesses actually care about people and the hardship they may be facing. We were the ones who went through losing our house, belongings and health due to a severe mould infestation of our house. We ordered a bundle of items from you 3 months ago and we have been recommending you to everyone ever since. - Terri Rowe

I was so happy to come across your site having found it so difficult to source organic cotton. I suffer with very bad hand dermatitis and recently went for patch testing and since finding out the results its been life changing and very depressing. I am allergic to thiuram (rubber), black dye, formaldehyde, Methylisothiazolinone, tea tree oil, compositae, colophony. I have spent the last couple of weeks just researching and the more I research the more depressed and confused I got. Lots of the organic non toxic stuff is plant based which I am not sure I can use. I now use vinegar for cleaning water to wash my face planet ark aware washing powder which I think is safe. Anyway I received my products yesterday and I am very pleased with them indeed. The sheets are a lot softer than I thought they would be and the workmanship very high standard. l will be ordering a lot more products from you. - Julie

Oh wow, here come the glassy eyes and glowing heart again. I'm just overflowing with admiration for you all and your incredibly ethical, honest and genuinely caring business. Do these kind of businesses even still exist anymore? We can’t thank you enough, it does make a difference to us and your warm kindness also means the world. I will continue to recommend you to everyone. I feel like I am doing people such an honour when I send your link to them – lucky for them! Keep being amazing, keep going from strength to strength. You deserve to succeed abundantly :) - Terri, Brad & Jasmine

Last month I was contacted by Chris. She is one of the lovely people who follow me on social media and via my website She told me that she had reached out to you to ask if you and Organature would please help me in my quest to have a proper bed. My first in almost 10 years. I don’t know Chris personally, so I was very touched by her desire to help me and I was equally so moved to hear that you had responded with a very generous offer to help me too. It’s hard to articulate just how much this means to me, Genevieve. A big heartfelt thank you to you, Peter and the entire Organature team. I have always been a big fan of Organature and have purchased several items in the past and have recommended Organature products to many people over the years too. You may remember, I wrote the cover story for ‘Body & Soul Magazine’ a couple of years ago titled ‘How To Build A Healthy Home’ where I listed Organature as my favourite source for organic chemical free bedding (2,015,000 people read Body & Soul Magazine each week). That article remains on The Daily Telegraph website still today. As a result of sharing my story in the media many times, I am also contacted regularly by other sufferers of MCS/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and CFS/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome etc along with everyday health conscious people, wanting to know what household products, especially what mattress/bedding/bed linen/soft furnishings/lounge pillows etc I use and/or recommend. I always suggest they visit the Organature website or visit your store in person. - Amelia Hill

I have two of the futons, a standard one and one that was made to order to fit a non-standard bed frame. The mattresses are very comfortable and my children love them. The customer service (particularly for the made-to-order mattress) was very good, and all the staff I spoke to were extremely helpful. Delivery was quick and the mattresses were well packaged. I try to purchase Australian made products as much as possible, so it was great to discover organic bedding made in Australia. Thank you very much. - Meagan Zieba

I always research everything I buy, especially the materials an item is made of. I have multiple chemical sensitivities including a rare autoimmune disease, so I need to be careful with everything. When I decided to buy a new bed base I knew I wanted one made of a natural substance without chemicals. A wooden bed base was what I had in mind, without anything added which may affect my health. I actually did not think I would find what I was looking for but then I found Organature. I could not believe I found a company that focused on the health of its customers in such a genuine and dedicated way, offering products without chemicals including the organic factor being of utmost importance. I had not bought a new bed for some time and I needed to know everything about what I was purchasing. After many emails to Kerry, to whom I am so grateful for her patience and excellent customer service in answering of all my queries and concerns, I finally made a decision. I bought the double Windsor Hardwood bed base choosing the plant based rosewood oil finish. It was delivered in December 2018, all carefully flat packed, ready for assembly. I thought I would have to get someone to help me to put it together but on tackling the task it was a breeze with everything lining up perfectly. Each part of the wooden bed base has been beautifully crafted, with the natural grain being highlighted and enhanced by the wonderful rosewood oil finish. It is certainly the most attractive bed base I have ever owned, with the head board being a most pleasing feature. The natural and toxin free wood of the bed base, as well as the incredible support from the slatted base, combined with the delightful aesthetic appeal, have all made such a difference to my health and my sleeping environment. I only wish I made the purchase sooner. I absolutely love my new Hardwood Windsor bed base. - Erica

Thanks so much for all the effort you invested in ensuring I received a cot that was safe and secure for Hugo. The new cot and mattress are beautiful and I appreciate them even more now that I know what a lovely team of people are behind the Organature business. I will definitely recommend your products to others and also continue to purchase things from you online. Actually - I need to order some baby towels with hoods as I love ours and reckon they'll make great presents for my friends' babies! Anyway, thanks again for your great customer service :). I wish you all the best with your business - you're doing a great thing for people's health and for the environment :) Claire Bishop - August 2016

The pillows are a life saver, after becoming allergic to my cheap nasty polyester pillows I had to throw them out and had been sleeping on a rolled up cotton towel. After punching in 100% cotton pillows into google I came across Organature and found that they had exactly what I wanted, cotton fill inside and cotton cover outside, chemical and fragrance free and organic to boot, what a bonus. I received my new pillows the very next morning after purchasing online. I bought a standard half fill for myself as I like to lay pretty flat and curl the very edge of the pillow up into the nape of my neck and a standard pillow for my boyfriend. We couldn't be happier with the pillows they are very comfortable and best of all no smells or nasty chemicals to make me sick. Thank you to everyone at Organature for helping me to sleep easier. - Chelsea

Just to let you know that I absolutely love your products. I have purchased a couple of items from online retailers that stock your products. So far I have the baby hooded towel, bath mats, and single bed sheet set. I plan to exclusively purchase your organic products for my home in future. Nothing else compares to the quality of the cotton. After years of wasting so much money on sub-standard products filled with toxic chemicals, you have no idea how happy I am to know there is a place I can order everything I need and know that I will be happy with the quality. - Lisa Gomes

After looking around the big baby stores for good quality and safe baby furniture, without success, we were so grateful to discover your website. Your assistance from the first call was amazing and after we placed the order the whole process was perfectly handled. The items arrived at the promised times and in perfect condition, the assembly of all of the furniture was also extremely quick and simple. Everyone who visits our home comments on the quality and appearance of the furniture. Thank you so much for all of your help and assistance, we can’t thank you enough and we are constantly recommending you to our expectant friends. - Alex and Ryan Broadhurst - Canberra

Just want to say thank you for our beautiful linen we received yesterday. It was even better than expected right down to the packaging. We could feel that much care had been put into its preparation. And the pillow bags were an added extra we never expected. Had the best nights sleep we’ve had in ages and both commented on it this morning. Can’t wait to get duvet cover and quilt in near future and hopefully mattress in not too far future and sure we’ll feel an even greater difference then. Love my travel pillow – just right size for me. I no longer feel like having anything artificial around me – well as little as possible n this artificial world we’re trying to survive in. It gives me such inspiration that here are people around doing what you’re both doing. - Paula

I have a rare allergic disorder which means I have to live in a controlled environment. It's always a difficult hunt to find materials that are safe for me to use. The products at Organature are the safest I have come across, and the whole team really went out of their way to ensure no contamination. They were always polite and able to assist with any problems that arose for me. For anyone needing to avoid chemicals or other contaminants, this is the best product, service and care that you will find. - Hanna