Leg Extension Information

To be able to provide leg extensions we provide a block of timber 32 mm thick x 90 mm or 140 mm, (depending on bed base purchased) x additional height required.

On one side of the block, a timber piece 110 x 19 mm is permanently adhered to the block. Timber thicknesses can have minimal variations.

In addition a piece of the same size timber 110 x 19 mm is provided with four holes and screws to suit your existing bed base.

To supply Leg Extensions we require:

1/ Additional height required.

This will be the height of the 32 mm block which sits under the cross bars.

2/ Size, (height), of the cross bar —-90 mm or 140 mm. This will determine the length of the 110 x 19 cross bar.

3/ Number of beds you require leg extensions for. As We supply per bed base:

We then supply:

– Four blocks with timber piece 110 x 19 attached to one side with our safe rock hard dried glue.

– Four timber piece 110 x 19 together with screws for client to screw to opposite sides. Philips screwdriver is not included..

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