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Have You Seen What’s In Your Pillows?

  • Did you know that ‘Mill Waste’ is used in many local and imported products, especially the cheaper ones?

  • We only sell pillows and cushion inserts made from 100% Certified organic cotton fabric and filling.

  • NO polyesters, NO additives, NO waste materials.

  • We import our ‘organic cotton’ filling from a certified mill in Turkey and our cotton is NOT fumigated.


Standard Pillow 45 x 70 cm Approx. 700 gram filling.

Standard Half fill Pillow 45 x 70 cm Approx. 350 gram filling.

Hi Loft  Pillow 45 x 70 cm Approx. 900 gram filling.

Europe Pillow 60 x 60 cm Approx. 1100 gram filling.

Cot/Travel Pillow 37 x 58 cm Approx. 300 gram filling.

Note: Pillow specification is based on weight of the fill not height of pillow.


40 x 40 cm pack of 4 standard cushion inserts.

60 x 60 cm is a Europe pillow and sold individually.


Eva | 2 reviews | 23/02/2015

I recently purchased two of these pillows, one for my husband and I. We’ve been using them for a few weeks now and I have to say that I’ve never been so happy with a pillow! There is always something I don’t like – too high, too smelly, too hot etc, but these are perfect. My husband said to me yesterday “those new pillows are TOO good. I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning!” He usually complains about pillows too! We specifically wanted organic too as we are gradually trying to go organic with most household items.

Chelsea | 2 reviews | 07/01/2013

These pillows are a life saver, after becoming allergic to my cheap nasty polyester pillows I had to throw them out and had been sleeping on a rolled up cotton towel. After punching in 100% cotton pillows into google I came across Orgranature and found that they had exactly what I wanted, cotton fill inside and cotton cover outside, chemical and fragrance free and organic to boot, what a bonus. I received my new pillows the very next morning after purchasing online. I bought a standard half fill for myself as I like to lay pretty flat and curl the very edge of the pillow up into the nape of my neck and a standard pillow for my boyfriend. We couldn’t be happier with the pillows they are very comfortable and best of all no smells or nasty chemicals to make me sick. Thank you to everyone at Organature for helping me to sleep easier.

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